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The Platform to live the DevOps dream

Transform your ideas into data-driven solutions

Focus on your Data Science use-cases. Use the tools and technologies you love. Pergola takes care of everything else: DevOps, infrastructure and all the other nerdy stuff.

About pergola

build • iterate • deploy • share

we help getting your data product out there

As an end-to-end Platform to host data-driven solutions, Pergola closes the gap between bright minds in specialist departments, creating valuable insights from data, ready to change the digital world, and the technical implementation of their product ideas.

With Pergola, you have full control over the entire process – from development to industrialization to deployment and operation – without any of the complexity. 

No need to set up and administer servers. Never again worry about encryption, scalability or availability. Simply focus on your use-cases, working with the technologies and frameworks you know and love. 

key benefits

Why choose Pergola?


Pergola allows MLOps, creating and publishing dashboards or webservices in self-service without the expertise of an IT department. Security, scalability, availability and redundancy all come with zero additional development effort – no need to know which cloud is hosting your applications and how.


Deploy your data science applications within minutes and make them available to your customers and users instantly. Adapt and iterate your applications and rollout new versions with a few clicks anytime the market demands – it only takes seconds.


Since Pergola enables a whole team to engage in the same project, you can take collaboration from development to an operational level. Control who can support you in managing, deploying, operating and even – whenever necessary – troubleshooting your applications.


Only ever pay for the infrastructure your applications actually need. No dedicated server costs, setup costs or maintenance costs. Choose the pricing model that suits you.


Pergola offers three interchangeable modules


Choose and launch your personalized environment for development or explorative work, as many as you need, as tailored and customized as you want. Automatically provisioned and optimized for different workloads, Lab provides a wide range of technologies and frameworks, for state of the art software development and data science applications.


From Lab to Production, deploy and publish web frontends, dashboards, API services, or machine learning applications and complex end-to-end workflows using any language or framework you want. Fully automated and reproducible releases, either publish to a restricted user base or make it public to the world.


Connect your applications to a meta-data driven and fully indexed repository of datasources, from batch processed flat files to live streaming APIs, fully secured and traceable. Consume the data you need, publish the data you want and as you want: transformed, enriched, forecasted, ready
for new use-cases.


What our customers say about Pergola

Dr. Arndt Claußen
    Dr. Arndt Claußen

    Data & Analytics Lead, Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG

    With Pergola we were able to reliably rollout our data science applications into our cloud infrastructure with minimal effort and skipping over technical details. Delivering new digital products to our customers and generating data-driven valuable insights for our business was never that fast and easy.

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