build • iterate • deploy • share


Focus on your Data Science use-cases. Use the tools and technologies you love.

Pergola takes care about everything else: devops, infrastructure and all the other nerdy stuff.


Choose and launch your personalized environment for development or explorative work, as many as you need, as tailored and customized as you want. Automatically provisioned and optimized for different workloads, Lab provides a wide range of technologies and frameworks, for state of the art software development and data science applications.


Connect your applications to a meta-data driven and fully indexed repository of datasources, from batch processed flat files to live streaming APIs, fully secured and traceable. Consume the data you need, publish the data you want and as you want: transformed, enriched, forecasted, ready for new use-cases.


From Lab to Production, deploy and publish web frontends, dashboards, API services, or machine learning applications and complex end-to-end workflows using any language or framework you want. Fully automated and reproducible releases, either publish to a restricted user base or make it public to the world.